Monday, October 11, 2010

Long Weekends are the BEST!

I know we all love long weekends...they are wonderful. I love that Barry and I both have the same holidays because that way we are all off together.

We got off half day Thursday and were off until nice. We had an eventful weekend. We went with my parents to Iuka, MS to see some land and enjoy a nice day on the boat. Makayla had a blast on the boat. I brought a blanket for her to sit on and lots of toys to play with and she got to touch the water....all of that are some of her favorite things!! So far there really is not anything that we have done with her that she has not just loved. It is wonderful having her with us to share in all of our family events. Once we left the lake we went and stayed at the Marriott Shoals and Spa in Florence. It was so relaxing and she loved the pool and slept great in her pack-n-play. I have a really funny story that I will tell another time about that trip.

On Saturday we came home and had a low key night grilling out and running a few errands. Makayla started to get a little fussy that afternoon and seems to be teething. No fun! I know that must not feel good. I am glad we get our first teeth when we are too little to remember. :)

Sunday was filled with a great day at church, cookout for lunch and dinner, and some shopping. On days that I am off I think I work harder cooking, cleaning, getting all of my errands ran than I do when I am at work. Ha ha! The Byrd's came up though and got to spend some really great time with Makayla. She fell asleep on Mimi and it was the sweetest time for her to have holding her close. Now that she can crawl and walk (with help) she really does not cuddle a lot...she is a busy little bee.

I am so glad this week is going to be a short week. I love my weekends with my family.

Hope everyone has a blessed week.
I will post pictures of our boat trip soon!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Makayla is almost 9 months old....

She is growing so much and doing something new almost everyday!! It is so much fun to see her pulling up on everything now, trying to stand by herself, copying everything we do, and smiling a lot. I love that smile.

Here a few pictures of the last few months.
I just love that sweet face.

My favorite part of the weekend is when she wakes up in the morning and Barry and I run in her room to see that first smile. She gives the biggest smile and it is priceless. I love to see the things she is starting to do that reminds me of Barry and is really funny!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Five Year Anniversary

Today is our five year anniversary. We got married when we were 22 years old so we went straight from college to Brazil to being married. It is unreal to think that we have been married for five years. I love to think about how we have grown in our marriage, friendship, hobbies and activities that we love to do together, and now raising a sweet baby girl.

The first day I met Barry was in September of 2002. It was the week of Fraternity Recruitment at UNA and I was on the ATO Sweetheart of course I was at ATO house. I really do remember thinking "He is so handsome"....the terrible part was I dating another ATO brother at the time. (Needless to say we broke up a few weeks later due to major issues in our relationship!!)

Back to Barry and I...within the few weeks after my breakup we were hanging out everyday! We literally became instant best friends and did this for over a year. We were each other's dates to all of our fraternity and sorority functions, UNA banquets, and anything else we attended!! It was so much fun! I can honestly say after trying to go to different colleges thinking that was what I wanted.....God sent me to UNA on a Soccer/Leadership meet my future husband and I will be blessed the rest of my life because of it.

Now to how he proposed.....
On April 28, 2005, Barry sent me on a video scavenger hunt (with the help of Emry) that started at UNA's campus, went to McFarland Park, then Spring Park, and finally Highland Baptist Church (these were all special places to us). The funny part about this was that I thought he was doing this scavenger hunt as a Graduation present (since I graduated May 14th). At each spot a set of our friends were there to show me a video from him and give me a gift. The girlfriend at each location got in the car with Emry and I to go to the next spot. When Emry walked me up to the steps of the church, the final scavenger hunt location, I had no idea.....that he was about to ask me to be his wife. Emry gave me a really big hug and told me to walk-in. Only the stage in the large sanctuary was lit and the screen told me to sit in the middle front row. After he proposed by singing "Marry Me".....he had a Surprise Engagement Party planned back at my apartment. A lot of our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. He had the cake (shown below) made for the cute!

I can remember that day and my wedding day like they just happened.

I am blessed beyond measure.